We believe in our great potential, and in continuing to improve our technological innovations and quality, we strive for a safer and more ecological environment, offering products filled with a richness of heart and inspiration for our customers.

We at Nihon Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd., with our manufacturing and development facilities located in Tachikawa city in Tokyo, are the only domestic corporation in Japan to manufacture pearlescent pigments.
Pearlescent pigments are coloring materials bestowed with pearl luster, and are used in a variety of purposes that are familiar to us, such as for automotive coatings, interior decoration for housing, cosmetics, and toiletry products.
Color trends are influenced by a variety of things, will vary and diversify, and extend their effects into a wide range of products. This cycle has become more prominent and even more accelerated than before.
We as color professionals will always anticipate the demands of the present and coming age, never to be satisfied with the status quo, and ever ready to take on the continuing challenge of making ourselves the kind of company our customers have come to rely upon.
Ever since emerging from a single research room in Tokyo directly after the war, our inquisitive spirit has shown no signs of slowing down.
What is Pearlescent pigment?