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Privacy policy

Privacy policy

About personal information protection

About personal information protection policy on the website

With regard to the website operated by Nihon Koken Kogyo Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as "the company"), the company will conform to the following "Privacy Policy", and endeavor to appropriately protect their customers' personal information.

  1. Personal information is defined as information that can identify an individual through the combination of customer information acquired through the process of inquiries handled via the website operated by the company, for example, including name, address, telephone number, and email address.
  2. The website operated by the company will not collect personal information without consent by the customer.In the event that the customer is requested to provide personal information, such personal information will be acquired within appropriate terms, with the intended usage of such information clearly stated. Furthermore, in the event that the customer's consent is not received, please be aware that certain services may not be provided.
  3. Personal information provided by the customer will be used, as is necessary, only for the purpose of achieving the following objectives. Furthermore, if the need to use such personal information exceeds the purpose of achieving said objectives, the customer will be contacted beforehand, and only used upon receiving the customer's consent.
    (1) In order to contact the customer for the purpose of arranging a transaction or meeting.
    (2) To send the customer information regarding an event.
    (3) In order to respond to various inquiries.
  4. Personal information provided by the customer, with the exception of situations which apply to the following examples, will not be provided or disclosed to any third parties.
    (1) The customer has given their consent.
    (2) In the event that it is thought that, regarding a matter of inquiry, that it would be appropriate for the matter to be handled by a party related to the company's business.
    (3) In the event that such personal information has been statistically collected and analyzed, and processed into statistical data formats whereupon no single individual can be identified.
    (4) In the event that the disclosure of such information has been requested through, for example, a legal stipulation, or by a government institute such as a court of law.
  5. With regard to the above 4 items, with regard to situations applying from (1) to (3), if the company is to disclose or provide personal information to any third party, the said third party will be directed to thoroughly and appropriately manage the customer's personal information, just as the company itself has.
  6. With regard to any inquiry, revision, update, deletion, suspension of use, or complaints regarding personal information provided by the customer, we request that such matters be taken up with the administrative department of the company as displayed on the website (to which the customer entered said information). Upon verifying the customer's identification (please provide one of the following items: copy of driver license, copy of basic resident register card, copy of passport, copy of any kind of pension book, copy of any kind of disability passbook, copy of any kind of health insurance card), the company will respond as quickly as possible in a reasonable manner.
  7. The company's website contains some links to other external websites. Please be aware that the company does not bear any responsibility for the safeguarding of any personal information with regard to any websites beyond this particular link.
  8. A portion of the company's website uses Cookies in order to improve services and provide more convenience. The company will not use Cookies to acquire any information that can identify an individual without prior permission granted by the customer.
    Furthermore, please be aware that if the customer declines to accept the use of Cookies, some parts of the screen may not be displayed or rendered properly.
    *Cookies are pieces of data that read information sent between a website and a customer's computer when, for example, the customer views a website, and is used for purposes such as to recognize a viewed website. The customer can, by adjusting their browser's settings, have a website display beforehand that it uses Cookies, or decline to accept the use of Cookies, when visiting a website that uses Cookies.
  9. The company will continue to work to improve its safeguards and usage of the customer's personal information.

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